Land stewardship

What is it?

Land stewardship is a combination of strategies and tools towards the involvement of landowners and users of a territoryon the conservation and appropiate use of the cultural, landscape and natural sources.

How it works?

To achieve this, it is necessary to promote agreements and mechanics of collaboration between the parties. For example, a deal between the land stewardship organization and the landowners, would establish an agreement to work on the improvement and/or maintanance of the natural and cultural heritage for a common profit.

What is a land stewardship organization?

It is a non-profit organization, private or public, dedicated to the conservation of the natural, cultural and landscape values. In a land stewardship propect the role of this organization is to encourage the project, act as a consultant for the different involved parties, give technical advice to the landowners, invigorate agreements, etc.

Who can participate?

Everybody: landowners (individuals, public Administration or companies). NGOs, users and society in general.

Why join?

Because it is a COMMON PROFIT, where conservation of the cultural and nature heritage becomes an improvement of the environment, associated economy and welfare of residents and visitors.

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