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Access to the area “Muntanya del Voltor” is regulated. With the aim to reduce human impact, there is a daily limit of hikers per day in accordance with the carrying capacity of the environment. This way, we can also reduce the massification and offer a quality experience to the visitors. To access the area, it is necessary to apply for a permit in advance. Applications can be done calling to 0034 619 591 985 or writting to with the application form attached…


You can download the map of the area here. Remember that the itineraris within the “Muntanya del Voltor” area (red in map) are subject to a daily limit of hikers and you have to apply in advance. Green lines are free access trails, like the GR221 “under construction” (meaning not official, not posted) which appears in purple at the map. Free access trails (green and purple* lines at the map): * Part of the GR221 Ruta de Pedra en Sec. “Under…

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“Muntanya del Voltor”

Land stewardship project

The mountains surrounding Valldemossa have become recently the destination of thousand of hikers that want to enjoy the scenic landscapes of the area. Because of its proximity to Palma, the town of Valldemossa is the main entry to the Tramuntana mountain range.

Due to this human pressure, together with the abandonment of traditional activities and the lack of values and respect of some visitors, Pla des Pouet has turned into a overcrowded and degradated area. Drought, goats and a lack of forest management have driven flora communities to a fragile conservation status. On the other hand, the value of most of the cultural heritage spots (viewpoints, wells and huts) is endangered because of its deterioration.

Facing this general decline, the landlords of the affected fincas decided to run in common a pioneer landstewarship iniciative. Thus, the aim is to coordinate the restoration and conservation of the cultural and natural heritage with the hiking and educational activities.

Fincas of Can Costa, Son Moragues, Son Gual and Son Gual Petit (which extend around 300 hectares) gathered to create the Associacio Muntanya del Voltor (Mountain of the Vulture Association). The goal of this Associacio is to manage the area, restore the natural and cultural values and regulate the public use.

During the first stage of the landstewarship inicitive, the Fundació Vida Silvestre de la Mediterrania (FVSM) (Mediterranean Wildlife Fund) was the organization in charge of the design and implementation of the management programme. Two years after the commencement, the Associacio Muntanya del Voltor took responsibility for the project.


The inicitive has the support, among others, of the Valldemossa Town Hall and the Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Federation.


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