Hiking is one of the main activities in our area of the Tramuntana mountains, but it has experimented deep changes in recent years. A decade or two ago trekking was an activity practiced by a low number of local Majorcan hikers with deep knowledge and a strong sense of belonging to the territory. Recently, this sport has become mainstream and included in the offer of the mass tourism industry. This is how the volume of visitors has become a threat to the stability of the area, and this is why one of our main goals at the “Muntanya del Voltor” is to analyse and regulate the public use in search of a new balance that is positive for all the parties.

Data collected shows that the mountains of Valldemossa receive around 50.000 visitors per year. This large influx of people represents a threat to the environment and can cause the degradation of the cultural and natural values of the area. Hence, access is regulated on the private estates within the “Muntanya del Voltor” area.

If you want to walk on the “Muntanya del Voltor” area, you must apply for authorization here (access is subject to a daily limit).

If you want to walk on the free access trails, you can check the different itineraries at the “Routes” tab.

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