Why “Muntanya del Voltor”?

The name of “Muntanya del Voltor” (literally the mountain of the vulture) dates back to the XII century. It is documented at the Arxiu del Regne de Mallorca (Archive of the Kingdom of Mallorca), where it is mentioned that Rei Jaume I transfers the property “de la montaña anomanada del Voltor” (the mountain named “of the vulture”) to Guillem Cerdà by 1280. In those days, the area known as “muntanya del Voltor” included the current fincas of Son Gual, Son Gual Petit, Son Moragues, Can Costa, Son Galceran, Son Gallard and Miramar. This area was furtherly know as “Muntanya d’en Cerdà” and, afterwards, “Muntanya d’en Moragues”.

With the historic denomination “Muntanya del Voltor”, tries to restore a place-name related to the territory.


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