Analysis and regulation of the public use


The Muntanya del Voltor area receives today an average of 50.000 visitors per year (of which 35% are local and 65% foreign). The massive increase in numbers seen over the past decade shows the development of a mass tourism model in the Serra de Tramuntana similar to that of other areas of the island. This is a worrying trend which can put financial gains above environmental sustainability and of this reason we are working hard to define and establish carrying capacity limits to reduce the threat to our natural and cultural heritage.

With the aim to reduce the impact left by respectful visitors, footpaths and signposting have been improved, and an information point has been established. To achieve consensus among all the parties, several agreements have been signed (with the Balearic Mountaineering Federation, the Valldemossa Town Hall and the Valldemossa primary school). Collaboration with the mountain guides and agencies is also important, and we work hard to keep close contact with all the interested parties.

Access to the regulated area is restricted with a daily limit of visitors in order to maintain the environmental balance. To enter the Muntanya de Voltor area it is necessary to apply for an authorization in advance.

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