Restoration of the biodiversity

Several efforts are being done to enhance the health of the forest and the biodiversity.

  • Forest management, to re-invigorate the forest selecting the strongest trees, removing infected specimens, etc.
  • Pest control. With the support of the Govern Balear’s Servei Forestal we are fighting the Cerambyx cerdo plague, which is dramatically affecting oak forests across the island.
  • Reforestation. Using native species typical from the Mediterranean oak forest acquired from the CEFOR (Forestry Centre from the Balearic Islands).
  • Fencing the perimeters, surrounding the most sensitive areas in order to keep wild goats out to favour the growth of new plants.
  • Control of wild goats, in collaboration with the Associació de Caçadors de Cabrits amb Cans i Llaç.
  • Biodiversity monitoring of flora and fauna species (such as birds, butterflies, etc.).
  • Creation of water reservoirs, to attract birds and other animals.
  • Installation of nest boxes, to increase the biodiversity and population.
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