Main goals

The objective of the “Muntanya del Voltor” project is to find the balance between the restoration and management of the cultural and natural heritage, with the hiking and educational activities. With this aim, we have established several lines of work.

  • Biodiversity restoration.  Based on a sustainable forestry model we are working to revert the ecological degradation. Tasks within the oak forest aim to rejuvenate the forest and restore the undergrowth. In parallel, we are working hard to restore the soil cover and fight the main forest plagues.recbiodref
  • Restoration of the cultural heritage. There are a large number of architectural elements in the area, product of the traditional activities that have been carried out in the area for centuries. Dry-stone houses, ovens, wells and charcoal kilns are but some examples. A number of these constructions have already been repaired and others are in process.DSC_0031
  • Refurbishment of the trail network. Essential to keep hiking safe, preventing the use of shortcuts and the creation of new paths.treballadors-2
  • Encourage the participation of the local population. With the creation of an educational programme addressed to schoolchildren and the periodic organization one-day conservation activities.voluntariat (8)
  • Public use planning, with the aim of guaranteeing that the number of visitors is in accordance to the fragility of the environment, while maintaining the quality of the experience for visitors. P1240401
  • Endorsement of the collaboration between landowners, hikers, public administrations, businesses, etc.; trying to join forces to build a management programme which guarantees environmental, economic and social stability.FOTO2
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